Why Skype-Boingo deal is big baloney?


If you read the press release, nothing much. For $7.95 a month, you get unlimited Skype usage at any Boingo hotspot, even if you are not at Boingo member. It doesn’t mean you get free WiFi, you just get to use Skype, as some have misreported. (AA fact checked this!) In the press release it clearly says, “unlimited Wi-Fi access for Skype Internet telephony calls is available for $7.95 per month.” You can go cheap – $2.95 for two hours. I repeat – you can only use Skype.

No email, no web surfing or no IM. You would need a special version of Boingo-Skype client. (What… another download…. you guys must be….!) You don’t get free SkypeOut or nothing….nada. You don’t have to jump through the hoops – because for another twenty bucks, you can get unlimited internet access and as much Skype. I am sorry this is nothing but a week old bagel.

Andy rightfully points out “this also puts the pressure on T-Mobile and SBC to come up with a softphone offering that works with their hot spots.”



Here in the Philippines known us Democratic country, but in terms of VoIP I think some company are trying to object/avoid VoIP while they are doing with ISR and also not paying such amount us tax to the Phil. goverment.
If the VoIP will introduce without the monopoly i think all filipino living abroad will earned and save more boxes.


Personally, I see at as a great deal for people who just need phone service / Skype.

Obviously, this is directed at Skype users who are not Boingo customers.

chris holland

ack that meant to read i’m this -><- to canceling my sprint long distance service, thanks to SIP and a headset :o

Jesse Kopelman

Is it in SBC and T-Mobile’s best interest to offer a special softphone for their hot spots, considering they make far more money off of cellular than they do off of WiFi? It seems it is more in there interest to offer UMA phones that offer discounted rates on their hot spots. This type of bundling provides churn benefits that go well beyond the pure ARPU equation you get with the softphone.

Om Malik

“worldwide using a custom Skype version of the award-winning Boingo Software” that’s from the press release. you pay $8 a month for using Skype only. You pay for SkypeOut. Its not a big deal … that’s what I am trying to say.


Wait a second! Om, let’s get the facts straight. Check out Boingo’s website. They don’t have any restrictions on IM and SkypeOut. Where do yu get a “special version” of Skype?


Appears to be a legitimate and reasonable offer.

Clarify please.



isn’t this skype business model pure hype?in some cases rumor of skype signing 500k per day as well. call yahoo and few others,they will tell you why they went with XTEN’s sip open standard.

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