Logitech BuddyCam 2-pack


Logitech_buddy_camIn the OneNote podcasts presented by Amy and Wendy Mack they hinted at how useful web cams would be for recording video for inclusion in their notes.  A message to their father, Eric- Logitech has the perfect solution with the BuddyCam 2-pack which comes complete with two webcams in a single box.  It retails for about $80 so street price is probably much lower.  Perfect solution for you Eric and I don’t see how you can pass up the opportunity to hook your girls up.  Next project, Tablet 2-packs.


Eric Mack

Great, thanks. You’re as helpful as Michael Sampson was when he visited – Michael gave the girls a long list of helpful gear and gadgets. Of course, he did not leave any money either.

Seriously, we are using Skype and Spontania (see my earlier blog) for this, though at present, the girls share a camera with Kathy. I’ve bookmarked the 2-pack.

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