Head Zup!

Head ZupIt’s too early to deal with this…Head Zup claims to be the world’s first comic strip blog for video enabled mobile phones. In there own words:
“Located at the center of the Bottom Zup Galaxy, Planet Zup is populated by immortal Zupreme Beings who are known throughout the universe for their outrageous behavior and wacky sense of humor. Zupreme Beings travel to distant galaxies seeking adventure, companionship, and the perfect tan. Like other far-flung tourists, Zupreme Beings enjoy using camera phones to record their off world antics and send them back to their loved ones as electronic “Head Zup” messages. Humans are now intercepting and sharing these secret messages using the latest video cell phones.”
The special effects are not out of this world (the Zups are peoples mouths upside down, for example) but that means more effort is put into the humor, which is a good thing. The strips I could view appeared to be a series of one-liners with visuals attached, and meant to be sent via MMS…several of them got a chuckle out of me. There is a blog here which appears to have been backdated for a few years…
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