10.4.2 is out!


10.4.2 Mac OS X Update is out. Check the Apple Menu –> Software Update …

Update Info

Security Updates Info

Does anybody have upgrade thoughts/notes/caveats/warnings to share? I’ll try to install it later tonight. The mention of Dashboard widgets management enhancement caught my attention.



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Anyone out there been told of an incompatibility issue with Tiger and In-design? I have friends with no issues, but am being told by a retailer, whom I just purchased a new Mac from as well as Adobe Suite, that they are incompatible? Photoshop loading, as is Illustrator, but no luck with Indesign. Thanks for any help out there.


update: Reverting to 10.4.1 has taken me back to the previous situation: public folders are no longer continuously synchronised and I no longer have 60-70% of CPU taken up by the mail process for an hour each time its launched. However it means missing out on the rest of 10.4.2 until a fix appears or switching to entourage.


Apple technical helpline were unaware of the problem apple created with this update My exchange has 639000 unread messages in its public folder! . I have spent three hours on apple’s care helpline finally to be escalated to a product support specialist who found relevant blogs but no fix as of yet! That’s three hours today and two hours on thursday ! Just not good enough. It seems the onlu solution currently is to Archive and install from Tiger DVD to 10.4.0 0r 10.4.1 and avoid 10.4.2 until a fix appears. Just archived and installed 10.4.0 too soon to say if it will archive this public folder less frequently now..


I also have the same problem. We have a hugh public folder on our exchange server and for days now, Apple mail won’t stop synchronizing it to my PC. I slows down everything.

I tried to elimiated the public folder but it creates it every time again.

A feature like the good old Outlook Express that let’s you check which folders to synchronize is a must for Apple Mail.


I have had some troubles opening files stored on a windows server with InDesign CS after installing 10.4.2. I get a “file is being modified by another process” error message and then InDesign crashes.

Monte Helm

I’m having exactly the same problem with IMAP/Public Folders and synchronizing. Very annoying!!! No idea how to fix it.


Mail has been making problems for me in 10.4.2. The update described a fix it made as “In Mail, if you retrieve and sort IMAP mail using multiple email clients, the counts of unread IMAP messages in mailboxes other than what’s in your Inbox are more accurate with this update.”

But for me that translates into “Mail will never ever stop hitting the Exchange server that has more than 80 thousand messages in a huge mess of Public Folder and bogs down Mail and the Exchange server no doubt.”

Isn’t there some way to tell Mail to ignore Public Folders. I have all the settings set appropriately to not synchronize changed folders and I even have Spotlight set to not index the Public Folders! It used to not do this, but now it won’t stop checking those Public Folders and it is bothering me to death. Any thoughts. Apple thought they were fixing something but for me it wasn’t broken, I could care less how many messages are in those Public Folders. I don’t care to look at them.

Gareth Potter

The testing area is a nice idea, and works fine. And I for one don’t think the current solution is that terrible – at least we have a way to delete things now.

Of course, the problem is the interface inconsistency issues that remain – you drag an icon off the Dock to remove it but drag a Widget icon from the Well to use it. Why can’t we have consistency with the Dock?

Josh Pigford

I agree with garoo…what’s the point of the widget well now? And at the same time, the new widget manager is yet ANOTHER widget to crowd things up. I’m not impressed.


The widget manager, in itself, is neat, but I can’t believe it doesn’t replace the widget well. You have to click the plus sign, then the “manage widgets” button (or the cute but poorly labeled “widgets” icon), what’s the point?
When I had seen the screenshot I really, really hoped and expected that the widget well would just be gone.


Took the leap of faith and installed it.. the widget manager alone is worth any inherrant risks of anything else stopping.. it’s so elegant and easy to use, it’s just wonderful..

i’m yet to try iChat fixes, but can’t wait..



Gareth Potter

About bloody time. I’ve been waiting and waiting for this one…

I’m installing it now and will report back afterwards.

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