OneNote through the eyes of very gifted children


I spent about an hour tonight listening to two podcasts recorded by Eric Mack and I am just blown away by what I’ve heard.  Eric’s 12 year old daughters (I think they are both 12), Amy and Wendy, decided to learn to use OneNote recently while Eric was away on a business trip.  The two very intelligent girls gave a PowerPoint presentation to Eric and his guest Michael Sampson upon his return and Eric recorded the girls’ experiences with OneNote on the two podcasts.  Amy and Wendy give one of the most thorough overviews of the capabilities of OneNote I’ve heard and even walk Eric and MIchael through the process of establishing a four-way shared session.  The most interesting part of the recordings to me was the girls’ impressions of how OneNote could be useful to them in their school work and extra-curricular activities.  At one point in the second podcast they even offered some suggestions to Microsoft for some simple features that would make OneNote more useful to them, and I agree with their observations.

Eric should be proud of the thorough evaluation Wendy and Amy gave of OneNote.  Heck, I’ve never met them and I’m proud of them.  Great job, girls!  I would also offer a suggestion to Chris Pratley, product manager of OneNote- you and your entire OneNote team should listen to these podcasts very carefully.  You will not find a more refreshing look at your program anywhere.  Robert Scoble, get these two girls Tablets, will you?  The podcasts they could do about the platform would put all other outlets to shame.

Amy & Wendy Mack on OneNote #1

Wendy & Amy Mack on OneNote #2



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Paul J Manoogian

Maybe those girls would like to be regular Podcasters on I see a future! Tell them to come join in and add some content!


Chris, I’m glad you heard it. It’s awesome to hear about a program from kids like these who “get” it.

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