France Telecom goes VoIP


Livecom, is the new VoIP offering from France Telecom, and takes its inspiration (sarcasm!) from Skype. Features include IP-based videotelephony, voice calls, and messaging for free among users of Livecom and pre-paid services for calls to traditional landlines. They must be worried about loss of business from traditional phone business to make such a drastic move!


Fazal Majid

I ran a pan-european VoIP pilot for FT in 1999-2000, the news is more about the commercial rollout. Already back then, my colleagues in the PSTN side were trying to minimize new investments in traditional switching gear to the bare minimum in anticipation of VoIP.

Keep in mind FT is a coinventor of G.729, the basic 8kbps codec used for most VoIP, so they get royalties on almost *every* VoIP implementation made.

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