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The Tablet PC Show #16 (MP3 – 21.9MB – 62min)

Join me as I spend another lovely morning chatting with co-host Marc Orchant about a wide range of topics, some of them even related to the Tablet PC. You never know what you’ll hear us talk about and we have a good chat about the Denver Broncos and the Albuquerque Isotopes and even get a history of the fine city of Albuquerque. Marc wipes his Tablet clean and rebuilds it and shares that lovely experience with all of us. The new Motion LS800 mini-Tablet PC was released and we can’t help sharing our thoughts and opinions about this innovative little slate. Enjoy the show and let us know how we’re doing.

00:00 Intro Marc Orchant & James Kendrick

11:45 Marc rebuilds his Toshiba M200 Tablet

Warner Crocker’s series on rebuilding his Tablet
Why won’t OEMs offer updated recovery disks to customers?
Free utility to facilitate making your own updated recovery disks (nLite)
Outback Plus
Outsource XP

27:50 Message from The Podcast Network

29:00 TIP memory leak is fixed

37:00 Minimize your apps to free up system memory

40:00 Motion LS800 mini-Tablet PC

53:20 Google Toolbar for Firefox

59:35 Tablet PC Blogs



I’m listening to the podcast now. Just wanted to send a note saying nice work! I look forward to this podcast the most of all the ones to which I listen.

I too am perplexed about the updated recovery disc issue. It’d make sense to at least make updates available via BitTorrent. I mean, you can download entire OS’s with frequent fixes and nightly builds. I don’t think it’d be too costly for OEM’s to make updates available alongg with the other updates they normally offer for their systems. In fact, it’d be nearly free relative to the increased loyalty and advocacy by happy customers.


Aha! I thought the RSS feeds were just for the blog entries (text about the show vs the show itself). Didn’t realize I could get the show mp3 from them via iPodder. But that’s exactly what it does.

Thanks! :)


As a lazy nerd, I can’t help but wonder if you have (or are planning on) a podcast RSS feed over at the podcast nNetwork?

In fact, as a network, couldn’t some code be shared by everyone there? I’d like to see the same thing from the productivity show which has become a favorite also.

Keep up the good work!

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