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The Nokia Fugue in G Major

NYT has done a piece on ringtones as an artform…”Mr. Bousted, 18, is a ringtone D.J. A competitive ringtone D.J. “You put certain songs in order and play them against other people,” he said, explaining his technique. “Anytime you’re walking around: ‘Oh, what you got?’ And then you pull out your phone.” I’m not sure how widespread this is, but the practice would certainly amerliorate the fear that people will simply use MP3 songs as their ringtones — they’re more likely to want a tune created specifically to be a ringtone.
Of course, a number of artists are busy putting out ringtones both as a way to get money and a way to connect with their fans. Clips of songs won’t be unique enough, fans will begin demanding pure ringtunes…although I don’t know if someone who only produces ringtunes (like a ringtone DJ) will ever become popular in their own right, but that’s probably what they said about dance DJs a few decades ago…
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