Skype offers discounts for SkypeOut


Skype has started offering a sort of discount on its SkypeOut service. The company is calling this promotion, Free SkypeOut Days, and part of the deal is you get 10 minutes of credits for SkypeOut calls every day. Given the terms and conditions, the free minute credits amount to about 20 cents a day (as per Skype’s rates in the US) and the company will offer four such days a month. Given that you have to buy a minimum of $13.50 (10 euros) to get this discount, it doesn’t really add up to anything more than a quick marketing gimmick. You don’t have to buy anothing – this is just a trial for you to get a taste of SkypeOut, Stuart and Stephen tell me. Stuart is not impressed. I think this is also symptomatic of the quality problems with the SkypeOut service. SkypeOut is not as crisp as Skype-to-Skype calling, and many realize that within seconds of placing their first call.



Hi !

It seems that I am alone to experience good quality calls.
Living and working abroad, I have been using SkypeOut since it became available, and it is most of the time as good as my landline… I effectively experienced some echo, during some calls, but it is not worse than the mobile phone I used until then. (just the price is little bit different). I know they still have some issues to deal with, but it is worth the euros I put in :-)
Maybe some flexibility in the purchase process could be welcome… But, again, the sound is good. Om, are you sure your computer doesn’t have problems with sound processing ?

Om Malik

oh my bad. i thought you got free calls if you bought the minutes – 10 euros or so. this is all purporse free minutes?

Stuart Henshall

Om, I didn’t have to buy anything to claim it. I claimed 60 cents today on three different accounts as I tested to see if they were overwhelmed. Still the forum entry put it in perspective. He tried to call india. Got almost a minute and a fantastic call. That’s about enough for a Hi Mum. Still I doubt that minute will get anyone to buy SkypeOut. In fact it may even damage it. For while I don’t experience the call issues you allude to frequently I know they exist. If you buy 10 euros then you are likely to use it. The question is what is the repurchase rate? I think it is pretty high. What’s the repurchase rate for other prepaid cards? Probably a lot lower. Then that’s really a different business. I think there are rate / pricing opportunities. Eg talk as long as you want weekends. Their problem is they haven’t done the research to test the impact. This is not a value added offer. That’s a shame.


maybe there’s a misunderstanding – you don’t have to buy anything at all, it’s free.

Herme Garcia

Months ago, I had a conversation with Niklas, he pointed that Skype vision is something like “google business model”, making the people use it, stick to it because of superior service, and making money with innovative proposal like Adwords.

He also pointed that Google has no clue about AdWords when started, te same is true for Skype, they don’t know how exactly to make money yet.

My impression is that Skype has no new ideas, they are making all the steps already made by Peoplecall (ourselves), Net2phone, Deltathree, Dialpad and many other VoIP pioneers … all of us know that doesn’t work!!!

Skype, may the force be with you … we, the older Jedi, knows that you strongly need it !!!


I think skype-out needs some fixin.

I haven’t used my Skype-In or Skype-Out in nearly 2 weeks because it’s not professional enough. There’s an echo when doing skype-out (that doesn’t occur during skype to skype calls) that really distracts.

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