Skype offers discounts for SkypeOut

Skype has started offering a sort of discount on its SkypeOut service. The company is calling this promotion, Free SkypeOut Days, and part of the deal is you get 10 minutes of credits for SkypeOut calls every day. Given the terms and conditions, the free minute credits amount to about 20 cents a day (as per Skype’s rates in the US) and the company will offer four such days a month. Given that you have to buy a minimum of $13.50 (10 euros) to get this discount, it doesn’t really add up to anything more than a quick marketing gimmick. You don’t have to buy anothing – this is just a trial for you to get a taste of SkypeOut, Stuart and Stephen tell me. Stuart is not impressed. I think this is also symptomatic of the quality problems with the SkypeOut service. SkypeOut is not as crisp as Skype-to-Skype calling, and many realize that within seconds of placing their first call.


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