Show me the money…Mr. Blogger

National Post writer Mark Evans asks the important question: how is making money off the blogs. He quotes me as saying, I am not, certainly not enough to retire and move to the French Rivera, though it does support my fondness for expensive Dunhill’s nicely. Evans basically scans the entire landscape – from tools to bloggers to search companies in search of dollars. If you discount my mutterings, I can say this is one of the most comprehensive articles on blogging.

Gawker, Weblogs Inc and Six Apart seem to be making money. But rest of us are waiting. I told Mark that we were in the equivalent of 1996 of Web 1.0 right now, and we all need to be patient. I am apprehensive of too much venture dollars flowing into the nascent market, because I know like overeating too much VC funding can cause indigestion. I mean come-on, do we really need a RSS fund?

Technorati’s Dave Sifry sums it up nicely when he says: “Any time you see a strong vibrant community of people doing something, keep your eyes open because there will be interesting businesses there.”


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