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Podcasting is exploding and the race has been on for a few months to discover a viable business model to exploit the new medium.  It seems a lot of people can’t stand to see something explode in popularity without cashing in but no model has successfully emerged to date.  Mark Cuban wrote about his vision for the "podcast as business" and I don’t think many involved in podcasting today will like what he had to say about it.  In a nutshell he doesn’t think anyone will make money from podcasting other than some commercial ventures such as distributing radio content via podcast.

Unless you are repurposing content from another medium, it will be rare to find anyone making money from originating podcasts.

Talk Radio Shows repurposed from radio to a podcast. No brainer. It’s cheap and easy. Repurposing industry specific information from tradeshows, speeches, product presentations for employee or customer education or as sales support. No brainer. These are just extensions of existing content into a new low cost medium.

For those who are tying to jump on the podcasting bandwagon and create a “hit” podcast that you plan on selling advertising in, its cheap and easy to do, but even with Google Adsense for RSS its going to be really tough to do it as a fulltime job and make minimum wage back.

Along those lines Droxy reports on RadioTime, a new venture that aims to distribute radio content via podcast for time-shifting listening to the user’s schedule.  RadioTime is looking to be the "TiVo of Radio" and offer radio content from tens of thousands of stations world-wide that the user can download in MP3 to any player.  What makes RadioTime so unique is the TV Guide-like interface that makes it easy to find the shows you want.  A $39 annual subscription fee gets you unlimited downloading of your favorite shows, with a 7 day free trial available.


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i don’t think mark’s comments were that off, other than the comparison to streaming…

as for radiotime, i played w/ them in the early days of podcasting – looks like the team has steadily improved on their offering…

now if they could directly sync w/ itunes like a standard podcast – that would be something…

what do ya think bill moore ;)

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