Best Konfabulator widget for Tablets

Quick_volume_1Konfabulator is the great utility that lets you put widgets of all shapes and kinds on your desktop.  There are widgets available to do just about everything, from battery and memory monitors to traffic cams you put on your desktop.  I just found a simple widget that is perfect for use on Tablet PC desktops and thought I’d pass it along.  The Quick and Voluminous widget puts a bar on the desktop that lets you adjust your system volume with a single tap of the pen (or mouse).  There are four oval buttons, one to mute the volume and three to set the volume from soft to loud by tapping the corresponding button.  The cool thing is the three volume buttons are user configurable so if the default volumes are not to your liking then you just set each volume button to your desired volume.  Simple, easy, and large enough to easily tap with the pen.  Very nice widget indeed.


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