PC Magazine reviews Motion LS800 Tablet PC

The Tablet PC community is buzzing about the new 8 inch Motion LS800 Tablet PC and rightly so.  The mini-Tablet PC is hopefully the first of many such devices to hit the market and it is apparent many consumers have an interest in a small Tablet like this.  PC Magazine has reviewed the LS800 and given it a "fair" rating, 2.5 out of a possible 5.  Their biggest complaints are heat, cost and what they call a short battery life.  They love the size and light weight and state the included pen has a "Mont Blanc-like" feel to it, which sounds nice.

I wish Motion had used an XGA (1024×768) resolution screen instead of the supplied SVGA (800X600) but the author of the review states he is glad they went with the lower resolution as a higher resolution would be hard to read, so I’ll hold off on my judgement until I can see one for myself.  The lack of a PC Card slot might be a killer for me since it means I could not use my EVDO card for true wireless connectivity.  The review complains about the short battery life but admits they couldn’t run a benchmark to test it.  Motion claims a 3 hour battery life which is ample, it will come down to real world battery life to determine how long it will last "in the wild".

Overall the reviewer was impressed with the small form factor of the LS800 and I am still convinced that buyers will flock to this type of highly mobile Tablet PC.  If they can afford it.


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