Motion first major OEM to market with 8 inch Tablet PC


Ls800_slate_1We knew it was happening today and thanks to Rob Bushway we know it is official- Motion Computing has released the LS800.  The LS800 is a full slate Tablet PC, think LE1600, with an 8.4" screen.  This just might be the mini-Tablet PC I have been talking about for a very long time and it looks like Motion has gotten it right.  I have always said that a mini-Tablet will require a good simple docking solution to be practical and apparently Motion agrees and the dock they have produced is really sweet.  I would have preferred XGA and I would think the View Anywhere optional screen would be mandatory for me but all in all this looks like a really nice mobile Tablet PC.  Motion, if you need someone to conduct extensive (read for a very long time) field tests then I volunteer, just to help you out.  Base price $1899 and the View Anywhere option is $299. The New York Times has a preview in today’s news and you can find the entire press release from Motion here.  Take a look at these specs from the Motion site:

  • 1.2 ghz ULV Sonoma processor, 512mb RAM (max)
  • 8.4” display (measuring just 8.94" x 6.69" x 0.87"), 2.2 lbs
  • 20 GB 1.8" HDD (60 GB max)
  • Enhanced security via fingerprint reader, Trusted Platform Module (TPM) and software
  • Integrated Wi-Fi (a, b, g) , Bluetooth, IrDA and Ethernet
  • Simplified power management
  • Full range of innovative and performance-enhancing peripherals
  • Currently taking orders, View Anywhere available in September
  • MobileDock (available mid-August)
Ls800_mobiledock Ls800_in_hand Ls800_portable_desktop Ls800_full_dock_setup



You’re right: LS800 has only 119 ppi. With XGA it’s resolution would be sharpened to 152 ppi.
The Flybook (only a bit larger than the LS800) has XGA@144 ppi.


Yes, the screen is SVGA which is 800×600 which is a shame. XGA would have been much better.


James, I think you’re right. I think this looks killer. Someone posted on the Buzz that the screen resolution is 800×600, but I can’t find that in the specs. Have you seen anything?


fil, I can’t see hits for a particular article but over a few days I will be able to get a trend. I understand what you’re saying about the KB but Motion is even selling the ThinkOutside BT keyboard which would work fine. I’d rather have a foldable full-size keyboard to use when needed than have one attached. That’s just me.


Can you see how many hits you had on this link?

I curious to see if this device sells.

I’m not convinced that on the success of the slate tablet device.

I know some vendors are reading this, but the keyboard is a formidable component to drop on a mobile computing device even with HWR and a touchscreen.

My $.02


looks nice, but the pictures make it look around the size of the the HP TC1100


It’s definitely cool, but until it has an XGA screen, I see no reason to switch from the Sony U750. Why carry a larger computer with essentially the same performance specs?

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