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Moshe Lichtman's Description of IPTV

We get a lot of questions about the definition of IPTV. Try this one from Moshe Lichtman, corporate VP-TV Division, Microsoft: “So, one of the things that we always try to emphasize when we talk about IPTV is what IPTV is and what it’s not. And IPTV is definitely not video streaming over the Internet, it’s not watching TV on your PC, although the PC may be one of the devices, it’s not delivering video over best-efforts networks. So, what it is, it’s a highly competitive, 24-by-7, mission-critical type platform that delivers all the services that you would expect over a pay-TV type service: broadcast television, all forms of on-demand, including the latest generation DVR, and an electronic programming guide, as well as a whole bunch of new services that we believe will only be facilitated on an IP network. And we sort of bundle these new services under the umbrella name of ‘Connected Entertainment’.”