EVDO, now in many more cities


Sprint launched its EVDO service, soon after Verizon upped the total number of EVDO-enabled cities to 50. Sprint says about 150 million people in at least 60 metropolitan areas across the nation by early 2006 will have access to its service. For now, if you read between the lines (or simply read the lines) “Sprint is rolling out its EV-DO service initially in business corridors with high wireless-data traffic demands, such as airports and central business districts … service will begin during July in major airports and business districts in 34 markets.” Not a big deal or is it?


Jesse Kopelman

I can’t believe Sprint came in at $80/month too. But the FCC told me that wireless was a competative market . . .


Finally! I thought they we going to do it before the end of 2Q. They have to get rolling fast to catch up to Verizon Wireless.

It’s a big deal in the sense of all the other players. By the time Cingular intros HSDPA in 15-20 markets, Sprint and VZW will have way more. So it puts pressure on Cingular for 06 and distances the mainstream from T-Mob and Nextel.

Anyone have any clue when T-Mob will do EDGE? At least that can buy some time.

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