Broadband in U.S. Jumps 34 Percent, FCC Says


The number of U.S. consumers and businesses that subscribe to high-speed Internet service, or broadband, jumped 34 percent in 2004 to almost 38 million lines, according to FCC data.


John Thacker

Mr. Sege,

Non sequitur.
1) These aren’t the “availability” figures, but actual subscribers.
2) A jump of 34% is significant no matter what figures you’re using. >=200kbps does cut off modem callers. Yes, it woud be useful to get other breakdowns, but given a consistent definition, the growth matters.

Ron Sege

As I understand it, the FCC considers any zip code in the US with *one* broadband connection to have broadband available throughout. In addition, they define broadband as >=200kbps.

So perhaps we cannot take too much comfort in this new figure.

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