Verizon Enters Music Promotion Biz

Verizon Wireless has teamed up with Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas to “bring top tier music artists and interactive wireless technology to Las Vegas”. There’s a couple of mobile content aspects to this deal:
First, within the hotel people will be able to share MMS and SMS messages on interactive plasma screens visible throughout “The Joint” — the hotel’s concert venue — as well as on channel 25, which is shown throughout the casino, pool, restaurants and hotel guest rooms.
Second, and more importantly, Verizon Wireless will offer its customers “exclusive music and video content from concerts made available through its VCast service in the form of ringtones, ringback tones, wallpaper and streaming video”. A joint website,, will offer updates on concerts and contests.
The interesting part of this is that Verizon is effectively producing its own content — by controlling the rights to broadcast the concert its ensuring music content for its service that isn’t at the whim of the major record labels. If the music industry makes it too hard or expensive to do business with them, we may see more mobile operators finding innovative ways to fill their services with premium content…
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