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So many words, so little said

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John Battelle pointed me to this piece by Seth Goldstein, who in previous life ran an Internet consultancy and then a research firm. (… explains, the length of the piece….) Hate to say this, but to paraphrase John Doerr, seldom has been so much written about so little. But since I toil for you, so here it is, the only line worth remembering. Every new web application or mash-up from HousingMaps to Backpack to is simply a better enabler of some existing user behavior. That is the essence of Web 2.0.

One Response to “So many words, so little said”

  1. Hey Om… did you happen to read the previous 8 or so parts of that article? It’s actually pretty deep and well worth a read. The last part is, as you say, “a lot written about a little”, but the rest of the series gives it proper context and is one of the more thoughtful pieces I’ve read about media futures.