So many words, so little said

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John Battelle pointed me to this piece by Seth Goldstein, who in previous life ran an Internet consultancy and then a research firm. (… explains, the length of the piece….) Hate to say this, but to paraphrase John Doerr, seldom has been so much written about so little. But since I toil for you, so here it is, the only line worth remembering. Every new web application or mash-up from HousingMaps to Backpack to is simply a better enabler of some existing user behavior. That is the essence of Web 2.0.

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Mike D.

Hey Om… did you happen to read the previous 8 or so parts of that article? It’s actually pretty deep and well worth a read. The last part is, as you say, “a lot written about a little”, but the rest of the series gives it proper context and is one of the more thoughtful pieces I’ve read about media futures.

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