Forrester On Mobile TV

Forrester Research has released a report titled The Right Model for Mobile TV. Forrester is reasonably upbeat about mobile TV if its packaged right, but claims broadcast live mobile TV will be “doomed” for several reasons…these include:

  • 3G mobile networks are not available everywhere and unlike other 3G services, it won’t be possible to switch to an existing network to continue delivering TV.
  • High prices will hinder uptake of TV services, as the processing horsepower needed for a device to display video will put the phone – initially at any rate – into a bracket beyond the means of most consumers.
  • Deciding what content works will be a lottery, the report argued. “The unique attributes of the mobile environment will render decades of consumer TV viewing data irrelevant. While operators and content owners think snippets of regular TV’s broadcasted news, sports and weather are necessary, they are far from sufficient – and no one knows what will be.”

The report has some good things to say about the mobisode format of the 24: Conspiracy shows, and says that mobile TV that expands on mainstream TV is more likely to be successful.
3Americas has also published a report on mobile TV, focussing on the (fragmented) technology that will underpin the service.
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