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AmnestyIn our first installment of our weekly “Download This App” we bring you an app that makes Dashboard what it should have been from the start. Mesa Dynamic’s Amnesty allows you to run widgets as if they were their own stand alone app. Why is this a good thing? It means you get to run them on the desktop away from all the other widgets and in turn makes the ones you use frequently much more accessible. Amnesty allows your widgets to run completely separate from Dashboard with their own preferences and expanded features.

Amnesty Screenshot

Also, another cool aspect of this app is that since it is completely independent of Dashboard, it allows Panther users to use the widgets now. This aspect alone could surely give the knife in the back of Konfabulator a good twist.

You can try Amnesty out for 30 days free of charge, after that it’s $19.95 for a single license (a bit steep in my opinion). So give it a try and let us know what you think about it.



Jorge, that puts the widget floating over everything. With Amnesty, you can place the widget in your desktop. Major difference.

Also, the other features (opacity, multi-dashboard screens) are other reasons to perhaps consider it.

Jorge Asch

How about doing it for free, without the need of Amnesty?

Want to move a widget to the main window layer? Of course you do. Here’s how: go to Terminal and type the command “defaults write devmode YES”. Still in Terminal, type “killall Dock” to restart Dashboard (and the Dock). Activate Dashboard (by default, you do that by pressing F12). Find the widget you want to put on the main layer and drag it a bit, but don’t let go of the mouse button. While you’re still holding the mouse button down, press the Dashboard keystroke again and release it, then release the mouse button. Your widget should now be floating above the Desktop and windows.

Nick Santilli

I’m just playing devil’s advocate here…

But if I previously bought Konfabulator, why should I buy Amnesty when it does what Konfabulator already does?

Yeah, there’s a difference in widgets between Dashboard and Konfabulator, but there’s enough of a community behind each that duplicating the widgets for each ‘platform’ should be a null point.

I’ll take a look at Amnesty, but to me it seems like a late player to the party, trying to capitalize on the fresh to OS X/people with a bad memory…

Just my $.02

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