Crown Castle Looking For Financing For its Mobile TV Project

We’ve been covering Crown Castle in bits and pieces over the last six months, but this is a good overview story of its plans and ambitions in the streaming mobile TV (DVB-H) space: it is loking for a partner to finance its ambitious project…investment bank Allen & Co. is its adviser in its search for a financial backer. And this week, Allen & Co. hosts its annual media and tech conference in Sun Valley, Idaho, so there’s likely a media company or cable TV partner to come out of that.
The company has told Wall Street analysts that it won’t fund its network build-out internally….but the network envisioned by Crown Castle could cost up to $1 billion to build. Crown Castle owns more than 10,000 wireless towers used by carriers. In 2003, the firm paid only $12.6 million at a government auction for a block of radio spectrum in the 1.6 GHz band. And in March, Crown Castle formed a mobile media unit.
It is competing with Qualcomm’s MediaFlo venture, which we’ve covered in much detail here.
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