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Target Rolling Out Music Service; Possibly Movies

A small bit of this news was buried in the NYT article over the weekend on movie studios’ increasing interest in movie download serviecs, and now runs with it: Target, the Minneapolis-based retail chain is close to a rollout of a digital music subscription service, according to this story. (The NYT story mentioned about being a potential distributor for online movies too..)

It will be a downloads and subscription service, powered by Loudeye. It will also have the portable subscription service, and will likely be priced somewhere between the $6.99 charged by Yahoo Music Unlimited and the $14.95 charged by RealNetworks and others for their portable services.

Wal-Mart has been selling digital music downloads since March 2004, but with little success.

As background, site is powered/run by Amazon…so this will be a potential break in strategy for the retail company.
More as warranted…