Tablet PC memory leak plugged


The memory leak that forced users to reboot often to free up memory has been plugged with a hotfix released by Microsoft. I have been using it for a while and it works great so all Tablet 2005 owners should install it ASAP.



fil, the hotfix updates the tcserver which affects the Sony U too. The function of floattip should not be affected but do a system restore point before the update.


Did this problem affect the floattip.exe file for the Sony U?

I never seemed to have any memory problems, always place the U in Standby, and performance has always been decent.

Thanks in advance.


I’m not sure if MS is going to roll this into the Windows Update or not. It’s going to stay a Hotfix for now, for sure.

Kevin C. Tofel

Thanks for the heads up! I just installed this morning. Just for fun, I ran Windows Update first, but the hotfix was not found. Is that typical for a problem solution like this?


Yay, it’s about time. Having to do it manually with batch files for the past 6 months was getting a bit silly.


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