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RSS Drawing More Interest As Ad, Marketing Medium

The New York Times discovers advertisers and ad agencies want to use RSS as an advertising/marketing delivery system. No surprises — if you’re a regular reader here you already know there’s increasing interest on multiple levels in making money from RSS even that has yet to translate into major dollars. Some see RSS feeds themselves as a marketing tool; others see ad insertion as a way of recouping ad revenue that may be missed when RSS subscribers skip the web site. Blogging and RSS PR specialist Steve Rubel is among those predicting RSS will take over as the primary one-way information conduit while e-mail will be primarily for communications.
— Charles M. Smith, president and COO, Pheedo: The company is getting $0.50- $1.75 per click for RSS ads and 500-word ads work better than the brief text in search ads.
— Shuman Ghosemajumder, business product manager, Google: “We need to preserve all of the things that are good about R.S.S. feeds right now and also introduce the opportunity for publishers to monetize those feeds.”

— Christian Romney, senior manager-e-commerce technology, Continental Airlines Vacations: “Over time, as R.S.S. continues to become more mainstream, we think it has the potential to compete with e-mail as an advertising medium.”

— Brad Adgate, research director, Horizon Media: “If they’re getting the news they’re interested in, because they said they’re interested in it, then you have a very engaged consumer and that’s appealing. They’re very active, they’re more likely to buy products online, to click on ads.”