Litefeeds, easy way to get mobile RSS


Addicted to RSS? Litefeeds will send everything to any wireless device – Blackberry, Pocket PC, Palm, Java Phone.. you need to download the application. The site is slow and quirky.


Om Malik

I tried the bloglines mobile, and well so far, not too thrilled with it. that’s why i keep looking. oh well, its just me I guess!

Mike D.

Or, if you have even the most basic of HTML capabilities on your phone, you might want to try Bloglines’ mobile site ( ). If you’re a normal Bloglines user, your feeds stay in sync whether you’re checking them from a phone or from a computer.

John Goodall

Hi Om,

Thanks for trying out

It looks like you created an account exactly as we were doing some test/maintenance scripts on the database. Hope you take another look.

We provide mobile RSS feeds that synch with your online subscriptions. Features include the ability to read full text articles, view Flickr/Buzznet images, and clip and share articles, all on your mobile device.


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