Higher Education Looks For Answers Post-Grokster


Colleges and universities are still trying to figure out what kind of effect the Grokster ruling should or will have on campus file-sharing. Sheldon E. Steinbach, VP and general counsel for the American Council on Education, told the Chronicle of Higher Education more schools may sign contracts with online services for legal student downloads. Look for even more efforts to educate students about the possible ramifications of illegal file sharing, including lawsuits by the MPAA and RIAA. Charles E. Phelps, provost of the University of Rochester, predicts colleges will become more active in keeping illegal services off their servers and networks. “The university world, including myself, has been basically saying that file sharing is not illegal, and — since we so highly value free speech and avoid censorship — that we’re going to stay out of the business of finding and blocking file sharing. This case could change that attitude considerably.”

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