Tablet PC Show #15 is up!


The Tablet PC Show #15 (MP3 – 19.1MB – 55min)

Tabletpc_album_cover_2Welcome listeners joining us from the iTunes Podcast library! You’ll find a great source of information about the Tablet PC here on The Tablet PC Show on The Podcast Network. This is a very special Tablet PC Show #15 as Josh Einstein of EinsteinTech, the developer of the Tablet Enhancements for Outlook (TEO) joins us for a fun discussion about his program, his Tablet PCs and a host of other topics. TEO is a program that corrects a function missing from Outlook by adding natural ink capability that turns Outlook into a totally ink-enabled program for the Tablet PC. Josh bit the bullet and even installed Skype so we could do this interview and we thank him for that, even though he is not a fan of Skype. Marc and I do our best to embarrass Josh with gushing praise for the program that both of us use daily and Josh gives us insights into his development of the next version of TEO, version 3.0, and shares some of the upcoming goodies he is adding to an already solid program. Josh tells us what it was like to leave his “real” job and develop software full time, something that TEO users are already benefiting from. Sit back and enjoy the show and listen carefully if you are looking for information about the timing of the next version of TEO. Think voice recording, Skype integration and auto call logging in Outlook Journal. Oh, Marc challenges Microsoft to buy TEO and roll it into native Outlook. Bring it on!

Links of topics discussed in this podcast:

Tablet Enhancements for Outlook (TEO)
Object Desktop
Visual Studio 2005
Alias Sketchbook
Art Rage
Agilix InfiNotes
abletFactory (Fritz Switzer)
Rick Segal writes about TEO

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