For Sprint it is WiMAX versus TD-UMTS

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Mike correctly points out that the Sprint WiMAX trials with Motorola equipment and Nextel’s trials using TD-UMTS technology from IPWireless show that the company is still trying to figure out best use for it 2.5 GHz spectrum. Either way, the licensed spectrum gives them a leg-up on rivals who would be building networks in unlicensed spectrum.

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Jesse Kopelman

It depends on which rivals you are talking about. While Sprint+Nextel has the best overall portfolio at 2.5 GHz, it’s not like they’ve “cornered the market” on that band. Also, don’t forget about WCS (2.3 GHz) where the licenses are geographically huge so it is not hard to do a deal to get yourself national coverage. WCS also has operational power advantages over MMDS (2.5 GHz) and the added bonus of being spectrally aligned with WiBro. If you really wanted to be an overnight playa in mobile WiMax, 2.3 GHz would be the band to do it in.

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