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Over 26 Million Text Messages Sent Backing Live 8

Live8 Logo“More than 26.4 million people from around the world sent text messages on Saturday in support of the Live 8 campaign to cancel the debts of the poorest countries, setting a world record, organizers said…Irish rocker Bob Geldof and Bono of U2 arranged the concerts to push the Group of Eight leaders of the world’s richest nations who meet in Gleneagles, Scotland, next week to take action to eliminate poverty.”
There’s no news yet of how well GoTV broadcast the concerts (if you have a review let us know) but AOL’s internet broadcast was widely reported as being far superior to MTV’s TV broadcast, possibly heralding the age of multimedia broadcasting…
Considering the success of the online broadcast I’d be interested to hear how the mobile broadcast went. I suspect that GoTV had less time to get organized (because the report came out later) but they should still have been able to get something good going. Of course, viewers would need an “all-you-can-eat” plant to get the most of the service so they didn’t pay through the nose, but if they’d managed to break the broadcast up into specific songs or bands so people could download them that probably would have been successful, and they could put ads fore and aft telling people to SMS their support…
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