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Marc Orchant reviews Object Desktop

Tablet PC Show co-host Marc Orchant has written a typically wonderful review of the complete skinning suite from Stardock, Object Desktop.  OD consists of a number of components that collectively let you change every aspect of the User Interface appearance.  You can make a Windows computer look just like a Mac, for instance.  The components comprising Object Desktop are:

  • Association Wizard – adds custom associations to file types
  • ControlCentre (with BandVWM) – virtual desktops, resource monitoring, program launching, and numerous other features
  • DesktopX – enhances your desktop with active objects
  • DriveScan – graphically maps out your disk space
  • IconPackager (with TweakShell) – change Windows icons to a set of your choosing
  • Object Edit – high-powered text editor with syntax highlighting
  • ObjectBar – the ultimate taskbar and Start menu replacement
  • Object Sweeper – gives your disk and Start menu a spring-cleaning
  • ObjectZip – fully-featured ZIP utility
  • SkinStudio – GUI skin editor
  • SpringFolders – opens Explorer folders automatically on drag’n’drop
  • Tab LaunchPad – highly customisable tabbed application launcher
  • WindowBlinds – changes how your windows look and act
  • WindowFX – spices up windows with special effects and transparency
  • WinStyles – organizes themes, controls multiple OD applications


Check out Marc’s complete review of Object Desktop, it’s a great look at this package that provides a lot of eye candy for any computer.