Gizmo- Skype alternative with integrated recording

GizmoI use Skype.  A lot.  It’s a great way to speak with colleagues no matter where they might be in the world and the best part is it’s free. If there was one thing I would change about Skype it would be adding easy recording of conversations.  As a podcaster it is incredibly difficult to get interviews recorded over Skype and when you do they often are subject to audio quality issues.  Enter Gizmo.

Podcast co-host Marc Orchant turned me onto Gizmo this week and so far it’s pretty cool.  Gizmo is a program and service similar to Skype and it works very similarly to the VoIP giant with one major difference (for podcasters)- Gizmo handles the technical side of the calls in such a way that it is a simple matter of clicking a record button during a call to record both sides of the conversation.  The recording is saved as a standard WAV file and preliminary testing shows pretty decent audio quality.  Better than Skype anyway and without jumping through hoops using a separate program like Mixcast Live.  Don’t take my word for it- here’s a conversation with Marc Orchant I recorded using Gizmo.  Tres cool.  Gizmo is available for both Windows and Mac OS X.

Download Gizmotest.wav (1482.9K)


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