End of Flarion in North Carolina


Nearly 3000 beta-testers in North Carolina’s Research Triangle area, who were using Nextel’s Flarion-based wireless broadband service are going to find that their connections are no long working. Nextel has switched off the trials, leaving many happy users disappointed. “There’s a lot of sad customers,” said Stuart Lamm, owner of Cellular Images. full report



Did nextel own the spectrum on which the trial was running?
Ie the revenues coming in vs cost of running the operations….
If any one has some insight on this please post

Om Malik

I agree, with 3000 happy customers, they could not have gone wrong and well, what can you say about this!

Jesse Kopelman

This seems like typical corporate bone-headedness. Why turn it off before you have something to replace it with? Hopefully, people will remeber this when considering whether to buy any Sprint/Nextel services in the future.

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