RSS Venture Starts With $20 Million; Plans To Raise — And Invest — $100 Million

A group of investors and tech activists are betting $100 million on syndication as the fuel for Web 2.0. RSS Investors is the first — and may end up as the only — VC fund devoted completely to syndication; members include John Palfrey, Jim Moore, Richard Fishman, Steve Smith and Tom Crowley (both of Ritchie Capital Management). They’ve raised $20 million so far. Palfrey, the executive director of the Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard Law, explains: “Of course, this fund will be a business intended to result in a return on investment. In the process, I have high hopes that such a fund can further the tremendous movement in citizens’ media underway and will promote the growth of global freedom of expression, creativity, and innovation.” They’ll focus on “technologies in the family of tagging, RSS, OPML, search, social software, and related next-gen standards.”
Ritchie’s interest in information distribution dates back to its investment in doomed Pointcast, as Red Herring reminds us. This time, technology, bandwidth and money may all be coming together at the right time.Press release.
Correction: John Palfrey’s name has been corrected.