PowerPad 300- 24 hours of battery nirvana


Ppd300I had a conversation with Eric Mack last night during which he mentioned he was looking for a good external battery solution to carry him through his day.  I sent him word about the PowerPad 300 because as external batteries go you just can’t get any longer lasting than this.  The PowerPad 300 provides 300 Wh of LI SuperPolymer juice and will drive your Tablet PC or notebook computer up to 24 hours on a single charge.  It’s $800 and almost 7 pounds so you have to really want that extra juice.  The PowerPad is from those battery wizards at Electrovaya.

(via TRFJ)


Eric Mack

Progess in miniaturization and circuit density has allowed vendors to provide low-cost mainframe computing power in a small portable device.

Now, I can have my portable data center in my briefcase, accompanied by 29 pounds of support accessories.

I love it.

Thanks for the link.

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