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More On New RSS VC Fund – And It's Not Party Time

Watching news of a new VC fund devoted to RSS bounce around the net has been almost as much fun as some of the Wimbledon matches. It does sound potentially loopy when narrowly construed but I don’t get the sense the fund members see this as narrowly as the name suggests.
SiliconBeat: The headline speaks volumes: “You gotta be nuts: A VC fund dedicated to RSS?” Matt Marshall tracked down fund member Jim Moore for details — or as Matt put it, “we connected with Jim Moore, and asked him to explain his crazy idea.” Moore told him: “On one level, RSS is a standard, but the term RSS has become much larger than that. The World Wide Web was in a sense a variant of the Internet– what’s happened is that RSS is a way of thinking about software, and web services.” In other words, he’s talking about a whole community of developers and users who together define a new approach to services.

Dave Winer, credited with being some of the inspiration for the fund: “I’m glad for them because they deserve it. But people are saying it’s the first fund that’s focused on RSS, but that’s not actually true. I spent the better part of an hour talking with Brad Feld at Gnomedex, he’s invested in Feedburner, Technorati and Newsgator, and would probably say that his fund is exclusively focused on RSS. Today, to be focused on RSS is the same as saying you’re investing in software and data products.”

Jeff Clavier: “This should be good news for RSS startups, and it might be a fantastic opportunity for citizen journalism projects to get their necessary funding, etc. But I have this uneasy feeling that we’re getting one step closer to a bubble with this kind of announcement.”

Paul Kedrosky: “While there are oodles of Web 2.0 opportunities, they are predicated on solving real problem, not on transport protocols.”

More as warranted.