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Hip Hop's Mobile Takeover Continues

It’s no secret that hip-hop rules the mobile music roost — a look at the Billboard weekly ringtone charts show that clear enough — and this article provides some explanations why. Hip Hop (and Rap and R&B) is not so much music as a lifestyle, and part of that lifestyle is declaring you are a part of the group…hence the need to buy ringtones. “You’re kind of reflecting your personality with your phone,” said Biniak. “It’s fashion, right? That’s the reason people are willing to spend $3 for a 20-second clip of music for their phone but not willing to spend 99 cents for the whole song for their iPod. And that’s because it’s different. It says something about who you are.”
And of course now the record labels want the pie…”There’s a certain level of exclusivity that labels want to maintain,” said Gaston. “They want to get their foot in the door and extend their brand in that space so mobile users have a direct porthole to their artists. And they’re looking to develop a relationship with consumers so they go to them first, instead of anywhere else.”
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