Apple: 1 Million Podcast Subscriptions In First 48 Hours But No Rush


iTunes users have signed up for more than one million podcasts since podcast-enable iTunes 4.9 rolled out June 29. The press release trots out podcast “names” to laud the service: Adam Curry, who is doing a show for Apple: “Subscriptions have dramatically increased across our entire PodShow Podcast Network, and I predict over the coming months that iTunes will introduce tens of millions of new listeners to the world of Podcasting.”

iPodderX developer August Trometer calls Apple the “Starbucks of podcasting” while Will Lewis, a consultant for public radio station KCRW, says the Santa Monica station’s servers have been swamped with downloads up “tenfold.” That would be dramatic given that KCRW claimed to be serving 75,000 downloads a week pre-iTunes.
Rush Limbaugh, however, has no interest in the iTunes model as currently configured. His podcasts are only available to Rush 24/7 subscribers and Apple couldn’t make the shows available only to those subscribers. Limbaugh haa a lot more to say but here’s the gist: “They were very cooperative at Apple but they’re doing it the way they want to do it. They’re trying to get copies of iTunes out there and one of the ways to do that is to offer this new podcasting el freebo.” Also, most Limbaugh fans don’t need podcasts to hear him; he’s on 600 stations. “We are not podcasting just to reach more people. We are podcasting to service the people we already have,” he told listeners, unable to resist taking a jab at “leftist” programs “desperately podcasting via iTunes.” For those who care, the same link also includes his rationale for avoiding satellite radio.
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