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Orange Offers Simpay Lite

Orange plans to launch a service by Q4 that will allow merchants the opportunity to pay for goods by charging the customers Orange telephone bill. Iain McCallum, head of business messaging at O2, said of the charge-to-account offering “Watch this space. We’ve been working on our solution for quite a while. We were never convinced by Simpay on a pan-European basis.”

“This is what should have happened all along,” said MX Telecom MD Mark Fitzgerald. “All they did with Simpay was create an aggregator using charge-to-account billing. It would have been a re-run of O2 Broker. T-Mobile realised [by pulling out] that there are a whole load of companies that can do this anyway.”

I never thought it was anything else. I thought the whole point of Simpay was not to introduce some drastically new technology or business plan but to take something fairly obvious and make it available across Europe, so merchants only had to deal with one entity and tourists could pay for things with their phone. It seems I may have misunderstood the purpose of Simpay…
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