Online Copyright Vendor Valeo IP To Close Down

Update: read below: Valeo IP, a reprint and online copyright protection company, (they were a sponsor on our site until May) is closing down, according to sources. The company will work on the transition/closure until September.

BtoB: The company recently lost a big licensing case against its main and much bigger competitor Data Depth, regarding a dispute which arose following Data Depth’s licensing of its iCopyright software to Valeo.

A judge recently denied Valeo’s request for a preliminary injunction that would have prevented Data Depth from terminating its agreement with Valeo and from working with Valeo’s competitors.

Valeo, previously called RSICopyright, was owned by Taylor Corporation, the big holding company. Taylor owns wedding invitation printer Carlson Craft, operates through some 80 firms in Australia, Europe, and North America.

Update: Outsell Blog: Outsell thinks that the lawsuit does not seem to have been a factor here…Taylor has deep pockets. Valeo was providing high-end tools and services, but wasn’t able to impact user beliefs and habits. This result shows how hard it is to sell tools and services to solve a problem nobody feels they have…”IP tools vendors don’t like to emphasize it, but they inevitably face the perception that getting users to stop and pay for protected content restricts the volume of content used, traffic, and audience, by somehow ‘locking down’ content.”

Shore Communications: “Both Data Depth’s and Valeo IP’s efforts and reputations became damaged in this test of wills, to the benefit of not only Copyright Clearance Center and other content relicensors but also new players looking for marketing opportunities in content licensing. In the opportunities column lurk players such as Google and Microsoft that are focusing on how content gets monetized regardless of its copyrighted status.”

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