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More on Microsoft-Claria Rumor

Well, there still big disbelief around this story..actually, SiliconBeat, a blog for MercuryNews, first reported it as a rumor on June 16, and now has an update on it following the NYT story. A board member vehemently denies and says she should have known about it if any deal talks were going on…

Also, WSJ does a story now, and confirms the talks. Also, “The deal, if completed, would bring Microsoft Claria’s technology for delivering personalized advertisements and information to Web surfers.”

Techdirt: It makes almost no sense. Microsoft has been talking up all of their efforts to stop spyware and suddenly they’d go out and buy one of the biggest problems in the space?

A reader of ours e-mails in, and writes: “If Claria can get distribution in the browser, then MSFT can do behavioral targetging on and off their network. So, if you buy with MSN, you do behavioral targeting on the network. If you buy from Claria, you can do targeting on and off the MSN network. See, there’s value in keeping Claria a separate entity. Just like AOL bought, I think MSFT sees the value of having a network that can take advantage of all that remnant inventory.”