GoTV To Broadcast Live 8 Coverage on Mobile Phones

Live8 LogoMobile TV provider GoTV will provide broadcast coverage of Live8 (the worldwide concert event to raise awareness of poverty in Africa, and specifically what the G8 can do about it) on its new alternative music channel, ALTitude. Thanks the number of concerts around the world, GoTV can provide round-the-clock coverage, which is pretty useful for it. It will also include behind-the-scenes artist interviews.
This is also a pretty good deal for Live8, which will be asking viewers to SMS support of the concerts message…the aim is to get 20 million SMS’s from 2 billion viewers worldwide.
The event is also seeking to get people to Edinburgh, and if you can’t make it you can send in a picture which will be put up along two miles of railings in Princes Street, Edinburgh, so you can be there symbolically. The site says you can text in your picture, but I’m pretty sure they mean MMS.
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