Five Rules for Better PowerPoint Presentations

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We’ve all been there, fidgeting, bored, wondering when this presentation will ever end.  Very few people know how to use PowerPoint effectively so that the audience is engaged and actually listen to the presenter.  One person who does know how to do this is Michael Hyatt of Working Smart and his article Five Rules for Better PowerPoint Presentations is a must read for anyone regularly stuck with making and delivering presentations.  Read the entire article to get the full benefits but his five rules are summarized here:

  1. Don’t give PowerPoint center stage
  2. Create a logical flow to your presentation
  3. Make your presentation readable
  4. Remember, less is more
  5. Distribute a handout

Michael must have forgotten rule #6:

Get your Tablet PC back and create your presentation using MindManager.  :)

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Another resource is Edward Tufte’s essay, The Cognitive Style of Powerpoint. Tufte is a highly regarded author on information display and he’s quite critical of slideware in general and PPT in particular. His dissection of the PPT slides viewed by NASA decision-makers prior to the Challenger disaster is informative and chilling. The essay is available at Amazon.

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