Essential USB Flash drive projects & tips


Lexar_jump_driveYou can find those little USB key chain drives everywhere and they have gotten so cheap, even free at tech trade shows, that I have accumulated a few of them at varying memory capacities.  I have mentioned in the past that some people use them as emergency boot disks for those pesky problems that prevent the normal operating system from booting.  You can do so much with these little drives that I recently went searching for some good reference material that describes what others are using them for.  What I found was a series of articles that covered the topic so completely I didn’t have to look any further and rather than write a whole article that describes the useful things you can do with USB flash drives I’m just going to point you to these articles on PCSTATS.  Author Mike Dowler has a ten piece series called Beginners Guides: USB Memory Drive Projects that covers all the following topics:

  • Boot up with a USB drive
  • Run Linus on a USB device
  • Private email encryption application
  • USB travel kit- Portable web browser, email client, word processor
  • WinXP briefcase to sync files on the USB drive
  • Format a USB drive with NTFS file system
  • Create permanent folders and share over a network
  • Take your favorite media player with you (very cool)

His tips allow you to build a mobile arsenal that you can take in your pocket (or on your key chain) and in addition to having an emergency boot scenario for your own computer you can also have a personalized, secure computing environment on any public computer you use.  Highly recommended reading.

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