Sharing As The Next Web Phase

In case you haven’t noticed, the version of the web now in progress features the “s” word an awful lot: Sharing. Photos, subscription lists, searches, calendars, news, contacts — the list seems to cover just about everything you can do online. John Markoff takes a stab at pulling some of it together in the New York Times. Yahoo SVP Jeff Weiner tells him: “Sharing will be everywhere. It’s the next chapter of the World Wide Web.” Weiner is referring to, among other things, the My Web 2.0 beta we mentioned earlier today. Sun president and COO Jonathan Schwartz calls it “the participation age.”
One thing to keep in mind, though, as sharing gets even more mojo — not everyone wants to participate or share or build community.
More from John Battelle: “… it’s a pain in the ass to keep creating social networks, maintaining groups, tagging, sharing, etc. It’s a habit I’m not sure the masses will ever get into, at least in a way that is driven by pure selflessness.”