Larry Lessig is Off Target

“It might take 10 years of litigation to get a clear sense of this. That’s 10 years of chilled innovation,” Larry Lessig tells Business Week Online about the far reaching impact of the MGM vs Grokster ruling. I personally feel that the decision is actually a good thing – it sets a very high standard for digital life related start-ups. Only the strongest and most convincing and legally sound start-ups are going to get off the ground in US, and will be able to raise money. In other words, I think it is going to keep the riff-raff from muddying the waters. Lessig, also, like most others is taking a highly US centric view of the technology world. Lessig, in-fact should have said, “10 years of chilled innovation in the US.” Today the standards and innovation come from where the big markets are – Asia in general, China and Korea in specific. Just ask the WiMAX camp why they needed the WiBro blessings. Kazaa spawned Skype in Europe. Innovators, just might have to fly to a new innova-nation!