1995 vs 2005, are we thinking different?


web 1 web 2

The reasons I bring this up – this post by Marc, this article in The New York Times, and yesterday someone showed me a little Xeroxed flyer from an angel investor who was handing it out to entrepreneurs looking for funding at a vertical search conference. Yahoo’s My Web 2.0 by Caterina!



Flash? How about Applets. I don’t think Flash had the same presence as Ajax until 1998-99. (but I could be wrong).

But I think we have come a long way. It is not that the end results have changed so drastically, it is that so many more people are able to participate now. My mother has a Flickr account ;)


I don’t recall specifically, but yahoo was likely around before pathfinder was.

Om Malik

Good point, I almost forgot about that bit. i guess sometimes your brain tunes out bad news – bad products etc

Fine James

The fact that Real is still around is quite amazing, dude.

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