Tablet PC Show #14 is up and even on the iTunes Podcast Directory!

The Tablet PC Show #14 (MP3 – 22.9MB – 65min)

I am back from Miami and Marc and I had a wonderful Sunday chat about all things Tablet. We discuss hands on with the Motion LE1600 and the Sahara i213 and how Handango is bringing Tablet ISVs into their software catalogue. It wouldn’t be the Tablet PC Show if we didn’t have a movie review so we have a chat about Batman Begins. Marc’s the expert about the movie since he saw it twice in one day! If you’re looking for a good macro program for your Tablet give a listen to our discussion about PenCommander. If your Tablet desktop needs an extreme makeover Marc whets our appetite for his forthcoming review of Object Desktop. We wrap up the show talking about all the goings on at Gnomedex. Enjoy the show and we want to hear from you!

00:00 Intro- Marc Orchant & James Kendrick

02:00 Tablets at the Handango Partner Summit

Motion LE1600
HP tc4200
Sahara i213
Treo SnapperMail & fat finger mode
Handango to sell Tablet PC software
Tablet PC Post
Frank Gocinski- Microsoft Tablet PC ISV Business Devolopment Evangelist

24:10 Evernote 1.0 released

34:30 Pause for The Podcast Network cause

35:45 PenCommander

40:50 Batman Begins!

Tom Cruise is looking for Marc

49:57 Object Desktop from Stardock

56:10 Gnomedex

Chris Pirillo pulls it off
Rick Segal blogs GD
RSS extensions from Microsoft
Weblogs Inc at Gnomedex
Hobie Swan of Mindjet hits GD with an ink map

63:00 Wrap up


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