PPC Mac to Intel Mac Migration Survey

There’s an interesting survey over at MacWorld.

One of the key extracts:

Asked how Apple’s decision to change chip suppliers could affect their decision to buy a new Mac in the next 12 months, a third of the 414 panelists surveyed by market-research firm Karlin Associates said they would be less likely to make that purchase.

So what was predicted on the day of the announcement seems to be coming true; PPC sales are likely to flatten out while people wait for the new machines to make it to the stores. This could mean there are going to be some bargains on the way; but seriously, would you want to buy a machine that was going to obselete in a few years? If it was cheap, I’d be tempted to say yes. Afterall, even if Apple kill OS X for PowerPC two years after the transition is complete, that’s still going to be 2009; four years away, and software and applications will continue working for a long time after that. Time to set up that Mini cluster ;)

Here’s another key extract:

Eighteen percent of the panelists surveyed believe Macs with Intel chips will be faster than ones using PowerPC processors; another 15 percent expect the Intel machines to be cheaper. And 29 percent said they believe Intel-based Macs will be both faster and cheaper than their PowerPC counterparts.full report.

So most people expect them to be faster. That’s an interesting thought, considering the G5 was sold on its speed when compared to Intel equivalents. Let’s hope that works out.

Finally, 67% of those reviewed reckon the transition will take place with only a few bumps. Let’s hope that too is the case. If there are any significant bumps, it could spell the end for Apple. Hopefully their few years of experience running OS X on Intel before they released it to the world will help.


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