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Mobiles & Music Festivals — A Perfect Fit

The Glastonbury Festival has resulted in a few mobile stories…Orange has announced the launch of a mobile channel dedicated to the event. “Orange customers will be able to access festival footage including artist interviews, festival life, and music experiences from the event, from their Orange 3G handsets”. However, the Inquirer wasn’t impressed with Orange’s SMS services at the festival itself, claiming a lot of opportunities were lost…

The recent trend (or possibly just at the concerts of one band, I’m not sure) of waving mobile phones in the same way concert-goers of yore waved cigarette lighters could become a little more interesting. SK Telecom will launch an Air Beam service that displays text messages or images in the air. The program costs 29,000 won (about US$28) and various emoticons are available from SK Telecom’s mobile portal. “You can spell out messages in the air by waving your handset after downloading relevant program”.
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